A to Z Challenge - Apr 2019

Y for Yahoo!

Yahoo! I am almost at the end of this challenge. Didn’t think I’d make it, but now I am glad to see I almost have.

But no, that wasn’t exactly what I was referring to with this word. I was actually referring to Yahoo! email and messenger. The nostalgic years of initially stepping into the internet world. Hotmail, anyone? MSN Messenger! Hahah, oh goodness!

Even before that there used to be an AOL messenger. The oldest days of chat. A/S/L – Age, Sex, Location – the standard phrase of starting chat with a new person. An old desktop system that takes forever to boot up (one can prepare tea, drink it up and come back to find it just opening!!) and Windows 95 shining logo. I really should have done this post under N for Nostalgia 😀

But no, coming back to Yahoo! What I loved about their messenger was their emoticons. They were among the first to introduce moving emoticons (somebody correct me if I am wrong). My most favourite emoticon amongst their lot is the one for ROFL where an emoji would literally be falling to the floor and laughing. It was cute and hilarious.

There was also the scramble of domain names for email. (Am I even getting the terms right?) @yahoo.co.in vs @yahoo.com. Which one was better?

Both Yahoo! and MSN have given me some of the fondest childhood memories. Today the world has so many mobile applications to use for chat, sending photos, files and whatnot. But I think the uniqueness and imperfection of the oldest chat messengers will remain in my heart forever.

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