A to Z Challenge - Apr 2019

Z for Zombie

What? Isn’t that what we all are/become at some point? Blindly follow a monotonous routine, sometimes with no further goal in life than to rise from the bed, go to work, come back home, eat and crash everyday.

Sometimes a little change in this routine is highly welcome. That is what I was attempting to do by taking up the A-Z challenge. I can’t believe I even managed to complete it!! (Let me pinch myself, wait!)

Instead of simply doing regular posts, which I kept on procrastinating for one reason or the other, this challenge snapped me out of being a zombie when it came to my blog. This pushed me to my limits, and trust me I am NOT someone who likes to write because I just have to. I write because I want to, but then I realised the ‘want’ wasn’t happening as often as I’d like. So desperate times, drastic measures (yeah I invented that, don’t ask more).

As a result though, the blog suddenly came alive. I don’t remember the last time I have posted so many entries back to back. However I am aware that I didn’t stick to any specific theme this time. These were just random words/thoughts associated with the respective spelling and I simply made a post out of it.

Maybe whenever I attempt this challenge next time, I can be more creative and select a theme while at it. This challenge was supposed to be over in April 2019, but here we are 10 days into May! Oh well, the end result is what matters, not so much the timeline. Or that’s what I am telling myself.

So the whole idea of rousing myself out of zombie-mode, gave me an opportunity to be zippy, zappy and zany (how’s that for Zs I tell you! now go check the meaning of the words in the dictionary, I ain’t telling you). Which is the whole point, isn’t it? Going monotonously straight doesn’t help, sometimes let’s go zig-zag (see, I am doing it again… clearly I am taking letter Z seriously)!

Jokes apart, I’d like to thank all of you for being part of this journey and reading my posts, be it sporadically or all the way till the end. As always, I hope to keep the blog reasonably alive.

On that note, time to catch Zzzzs (ok I’ll stop before you beat me up)! Bye, folks! 😀

A to Z Challenge - Apr 2019

Y for Yahoo!

Yahoo! I am almost at the end of this challenge. Didn’t think I’d make it, but now I am glad to see I almost have.

But no, that wasn’t exactly what I was referring to with this word. I was actually referring to Yahoo! email and messenger. The nostalgic years of initially stepping into the internet world. Hotmail, anyone? MSN Messenger! Hahah, oh goodness!

Even before that there used to be an AOL messenger. The oldest days of chat. A/S/L – Age, Sex, Location – the standard phrase of starting chat with a new person. An old desktop system that takes forever to boot up (one can prepare tea, drink it up and come back to find it just opening!!) and Windows 95 shining logo. I really should have done this post under N for Nostalgia 😀

But no, coming back to Yahoo! What I loved about their messenger was their emoticons. They were among the first to introduce moving emoticons (somebody correct me if I am wrong). My most favourite emoticon amongst their lot is the one for ROFL where an emoji would literally be falling to the floor and laughing. It was cute and hilarious.

There was also the scramble of domain names for email. (Am I even getting the terms right?) @yahoo.co.in vs @yahoo.com. Which one was better?

Both Yahoo! and MSN have given me some of the fondest childhood memories. Today the world has so many mobile applications to use for chat, sending photos, files and whatnot. But I think the uniqueness and imperfection of the oldest chat messengers will remain in my heart forever.

A to Z Challenge - Apr 2019

X for Xenophobia

In case you are wondering what the word means, the dictionary describes it as “a fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures or strangers”.

Is it just me, or do you also feel that as much as the world is becoming a global village and all that, people are growing narrower in their mindsets?

What else do you think explains Brexit? Or Trump being elected? I mean, sure, there are plenty of other factors hovering around. But this is the simplest one-word explanation. Those two cataclysmic phenomenons happened because people gave in to their worst fears about immigrants in their land gorging on their resources. In spite of the world being your oyster, and all sorts of people travelling everywhere, open mindsets are still a dream. Atleast to a large extent.

Don’t even get me started on how we treat foreigners in India. And this, in the land of “Athithi devo bhava”. Guest is God, it seems. Don’t make me laugh. As if the number of women foreigners (irrespective of skin colour being harassed, molested or raped) wasn’t horrifying enough, there is also the horror many face while even trying to live as expats in our land. Ok, and what about our immigration policy to those less fortunate than us? Even worse!

Ok so don’t get me wrong. I am not saying let everybody in and let everyone do what they want. Of course we adhere to rules. But sometimes we need to look inward to confront our inner prejudices. Before we scream about Indians facing racism in other countries, it might be a great idea to pause and take a moment to address our own biases.

After all, change needs to start from within first.