Birthday blast!

When I started blogging around five years back, never did I think I would go on to forge bonds deeper than with those I know in real life. Sometimes, that’s life my friend….. :-)

Thank you Hitchy, Kanagu and Pixie (in that order)! :) :) Each of your birthday gifts was a surprise in its own way. Love you guys!!

*feeling blessed*




Had a fabulous birthday this year. My folks came down to stay with me. Had been pestering them for awhile now but they did not seem to be relenting. But all of a sudden they decided they would just land up for my birthday instead. Hey, who am I to complain? :D Bro also landed up in time for the celebratory dinner. 

Family nearby, wishes of friends from near and far, happiness and pampering. Can’t ask for more! 

As they say, folks, cheers to many many more delightful days to come! *hic* :mrgreen:




Of visiting and visitors!

Howdy folks!

Been a bit of a break since my last post, but wanted to post something before the month ended. It’s been a busy month with further applications being prepared for my studies, plus towards last week of Jan we have come down to Kerala for a long holiday. Unfortunately could not post this earlier since the net connection wasn’t strong in any of the places I stayed, hence had to wait till I reached back before I could upload the videos (below).

The trip was fun. Visiting relatives galore, eating yummy food, and enjoying loads. Had a family get-together in between; this was part of what we had. Malabar paratha, chapatis, chicken curry, fish fry, pulao and salad! :D (Fish fry on the right and chicken curry on left. Pulao in the cooker.)


Psst… added water=mark at the bottom-right corner… Destination Infinity and Pepper, happy?

During the initial days of my stay at my in-laws place, I was awakened to the curious noise not so commonly heard in metro cities. It sounded like a sparrow by its music, but the noise was that of a woodpecker’s. I stayed in hiding to discover what this was. The two videos should give you some idea of what I mean :) :) Taking a leaf out of IHM‘s diary to be the bird-watcher ;-)



Next post coming up soon, folks! Stay tuned!


Welcome, 2014!

Aaaand yes, we are finally into the new year.

2013 in retrospect for me was a year of surprises. I was mostly away from the blog. Few people knew but I took a brief sabbatical from work to concentrate on GMAT. The idea was to do my MBA. GMAT went off well, but admissions to one of the colleges that I had hoped for, did not happen.

Unexpectedly another option did work out. (Will explain in detail in the upcoming posts.) Still awaiting results from elsewhere. So yes, that way 2013 did end with a bang and brought some surprisingly unexpected results. Not to mention, rediscovered friendships and strengthened bonds with family.

I still have some months left before I start travelling. Have also applied to some other B-schools…let’s see what works out.

In meantime, I’m back. And here to stay. For the time being atleast.

And whatever 2014 has to offer, I say, BRING IT ON!

Wishing you all a brilliant 2014 :) Stay blessed!


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